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Natural State Law is knowledgeable and experienced in the entire trust process. We can offer guidance concerning which assets and property may be best to move into a trust. From there, we can help define specific rules for allocations, disbursements, and more.


The main point of a will is to legally document your wishes in the event of your death. It helps your family and your heirs follow through on those wishes and provides a path to resolve matters faster. We can help work through what this should look like to be effective.

Living Wills

This document specifies your medical wishes should you not be able to make those decisions on your own. We can help build a living will that addresses a range of potential scenarios and use our experience to highlight things creators don’t often think about.

Advance Directives

An advance directive is similar to a living will in that it provides specific directions for medical care. Another tenet to think about is long-term care should you not be able to make those decisions and we can help accurately build those into the directive.

Financial Powers of Attorney

This is a legal document that grants the authority to a third-party to manage someone’s financial matters. The document can be wide-ranging or specifically restrictive and we can help guide you towards building the right one for your specific situation.

Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Similar to the above, a healthcare power of attorney gives a third-party the power to make decisions regarding healthcare decisions and those affecting your well-being. This document can put your most important life-sustaining decisions in the hands of the person you deem most responsible to handle those matters.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

In certain cases, it makes more sense to disperse the remainder of a trust to a charitable organization once all of the initial beneficiaries have accepted their disbursements. Our firm can help you understand where this type of trust may be most advantageous.

Living Trusts and Trust Administration

Natural State Law can act as the administrator of a trust to make an easier path for asset succession and potentially bypass a lengthy probate process. Trust administration can be a complex process and our insight can ensure it is done in the correct way.

Estate Plan Administration

Your estate planning doesn’t end once the documents have been formalized. Should something happen to you, you will want a trusted third-party that’s able to neutrally and fairly execute your plan. Natural State Law can do that for you.

Special Needs Trusts

Oftentimes, an individual with special needs can receive public assistance along with certain private income. A special needs trust is specifically designed to provide income and other assets for the individual with limited impact on his or her ability to qualify for a range of certain governmental programs. It can also help the beneficiary with a range of other needs and Natural State Law can advise on the best way to construct this important document.

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