Little Rock Estate Planning

Building Wills & Trusts to Protect the Futures of Little Rock Clients

Living Trusts & Trust Administration

Financial and property plans don’t have to exist solely in a will. A living trust puts your assets and property into a decree that will note specific beneficiaries should something happen to you. We can help determine the best plan to administer your trust in all scenarios, too.

Advance Health Care Directive

Your trust can also include specific directions regarding your interests and wishes if you’re medically unable to do so on your own. Advance directives can provide clear, important instructions to friends and family in the most difficult of times.

Power of Attorneys

Establishing leaders and decision-makers in advance can help soften any family disputes when working through your estate or personal interests. We can help formalize the designation and work through the process.

Special Needs Trusts

Also known as a supplemental needs trust, these decrees are designed to hold and protect financial assets for the benefit of a disabled beneficiary. We can help design the right language and process for a beneficiary who can’t manage his/her finances independently.

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