How Do You Avoid Probate in Arkansas?

Avoiding probate in Arkansas primarily comes down to good estate planning. A little bit of pre-planning and foresight can save plenty of headaches down the road. Natural State Law is here to help advise through the entire process.

What to Know About Special Needs Trusts

A special needs trust (SNT) can be an invaluable planning instrument to set aside financial resources for the ongoing care of a disabled beneficiary. There are specific rules to follow when setting one up so it can be the most effective, and the help of a knowledgeable estate planning attorney is crucial.

How to Build an Effective Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney Document

An effective estate plan ensures that your wishes are fulfilled regarding assets and property. A well-written estate plan, which would include a will and healthcare/financial powers of attorney, is worth the time and effort. Everyone can benefit from a plan, no matter how many or how few assets they may have.