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Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person’s estate is properly distributed to any heirs and designated beneficiaries. Additionally, any outstanding debts owed to creditors are paid off. If the decedent left a will in place, probate property is distributed according to the the will’s specifications. When no will exists, there are state probate laws that govern the distribution of the estate. If you have questions about the probate process in Arkansas, contact Natural State Law, PLLC today to receive informed and knowledgeable legal guidance.

The Probate Process in Arkansas

During the probate period, a personal representative typically oversees the process from start to finish. The personal representative may be an individual identified in the decedent’s will, or the court may appoint someone to serve as the personal representative. Once established, the personal representative then performs several tasks, such as evaluating the assets of the deceased, paying off any outstanding debts the decedent owed, and ensuring that the remaining assets are distributed among the beneficiaries according to the instructions in the will. Once these tasks are finished, the probate period officially concludes.

Legal Assistance for Probate Issues

There are several times when disputes or other legal matters can arise during the probate process. Grieving families can sometimes turn on each other, making communication among beneficiaries nearly impossible. Family members may challenge the validity of the will or dispute the nomination of the personal representative for the estate. In cases where there is no will in place, probate can become even more challenging, as the Arkansas probate court must step in and distribute the estate according to state laws. If you are struggling with the probate process or you anticipate potential issues, contact the knowledgeable probate attorneys at Natural State Law, PLLC to receive the answers and confidence you need during this difficult time.

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