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Guardianships often become necessary when a person cannot care for themselves either because they are underage or some physical or mental condition renders them unable to care for themselves. If you seek guardianship over a juvenile or adult, our firm can help you successfully navigate and complete the process. We will work with you to understand whether guardianship is right for your situation, and we will help guide you through the legal process of establishing the guardianship. Our top priority is helping you achieve your guardianship objectives while ensuring that the child or adult in question receives the proper care. Reach out today to learn more.

Guardianship & Estate Planning

It is important to think about specific actions you can take today to ensure your loved ones are supported and cared for once you are gone. In particular, minors and children with special needs require specific protections to provide them with sufficient emotional and financial support if their current parent or guardian passes away. Proper estate planning can nominate a guardian if the legal parents pass away, become physically or mentally incapacitated, or are otherwise no longer able to care for their child. Contact our team today for more information.

Resolving Contested Guardianships

There are times when guardianships can be contested, and you need reliable legal assistance to ensure that the child or adult receives the best possible support. For instance, a grandparent may wish to become a child’s legal guardian, but the parents may not consent. If you need help resolving a contested guardianship matter or have questions about how to dissolve a guardianship, contact Natural State Law, PLLC today to get started.

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If you are interested in establishing a guardianship for your loved ones, call the skilled estate planning and guardianship attorneys at Natural State Law, PLLC to receive the support you need. Contact our Little Rock office today at (501) 916-2878 to schedule your free initial consultation.