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Every case that moves through the criminal justice system must adhere to a specific set of laws and procedures. Any violation of these rules can result in an unjust outcome. At Natural State Law, PLLC, our team of criminal defense attorneys is committed to ensuring our clients’ rights were upheld at every stage of the process, and if not, we’ll take the matter to the appellate court to obtain justice on your behalf.

The Appeals Process in Little Rock

When a dispute arises over the outcome of a criminal case, the contesting party can take the matter to the Arkansas Court of Appeals to determine whether the judge or jury issued an erroneous ruling. Those who feel they’ve been wrongly convicted have the right to make their appeal case heard, and our attorneys will guide you through the process of filing an appeal and representing your case in the appellate court. The filing process can be highly technical, and the appeals process itself comes with its own set of rules. Our attorneys have the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the appeals process successfully.

Representing Your Rights

There are many grounds for seeking an appeal. Biased judges, mishandled evidence, or misapplied laws may have stacked the deck against you and led to an unfair or incorrect outcome. We will work with you to identify these violations of criminal procedure and ask the appellate court to reverse or remand the previous court’s decision. Don’t let the unfair outcome of your trial irreparably damage your future—call Natural State Law, PLLC today to learn more about how appealing your case can lead to a brighter outcome.

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