Do You Lose Assets in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Understanding the basics of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is the first step in determining if this path is right for you. The next is understanding if you can keep any assets. This post explains more.

Eligibility Requirements for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Arkansas

Although Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers significant protections for struggling individuals, the resulting reorganization may not be worth the time, effort, and money involved. It’s important to understand what happens through the filing to ensure it’s right for you and your specific financial situation.

Can Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Arkansas Be Denied?

There are certain cases where a Chapter 13 filing could be denied. Arkansas filers, especially, should read this post to learn more about those instances and how working with a knowledgeable bankruptcy law team can help avoid these issues.

How Personal Bankruptcies Work and What Happens After Filing

After filing for personal bankruptcy, the court will freeze most of your financial assets, and you’ll be granted an automatic stay (meaning creditors cannot pursue your debts). From there, the court will assign your case to a trustee, and that person will organize a Meeting of Creditors to alert them of your filing.